Brewery District

Brewery District sept 2016 (01).jpg

A Historic Endeavour

The Brewery District project, located in Edmonton, Alberta represents a significant structural undertaking. The deveopment includes approximately 200,000 square feet of new above-ground superstructures, a roughly 250,000 square foot underground parkade and the incorporation of significant historical existing structures into a large, new commercial development just north of Edmonton’s downtown core and within sight of Edmonton’s new Ice District.

For Protostatix, the structural scope of this project primarily centered on coordination with the architect and owner over requirements for space layouts, tenant utilization of each space, architectural intent for the overall consistent appearance of the site, and practical budget limitation. Each of these spaces posed unique structural challenges which were met and accommodated by Protostatix, in conjunction with the remainder of the project team. With provisions in place for future LRT growth, the completed Brewery District project stands to serve the surrounding community very well, providing a pleasant, comfortable urban experience.


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